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For over twenty years Burgh Gaming has been doing it's part to make the Internet fun by providing a platform for entertainment. Through the years we have hosted many user associations and clans, with some of the finest players, and continue to do so. We have professional grade servers capiable of supporting any of your virtual hosting needs. The data center where our servers are hosted is connected to a high capacity backbone with Internet peering and transit provided by tier one carriers.Additionally, the staff that made Burgh Gaming one of the best in the business is one of the reasons why our consulting services are also without equal.

But, game servers are only the beginning of what we provide here at Burgh Gaming. While game servers are our bread and butter, we also provide server colocation and consulting services that are independent of our gaming roots. Leveraging the same connectivity and internet peering as we do with our top notch game server solutions, we provide an environment for colocation on par with that of major providers at a fraction of the cost.

Please take the opportunity to browse our website and see if we can help you take your business or gaming ventures to the next level. Whether you are looking for a game server or looking for a place to host your server, Burgh Gaming should be your final destination. Our friendly and personable staff looks forward to making your aquaintance.


Burgh Gaming

810 Parish Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15220